Hello all! As you know we are 24seven. We are a Christian rock group that is doing God's will. We have taken the gifts of music that God has given each one of us to spread the word of God to the lost people of the world. Though many don't agree with our way of bringing the message of Jesus Christ, we feel and know of the calling that God does want us here for this purpose. Many people have came to know the Savior through this ministry, and isn't that what it is all about? God tells us in anything that we do, give Him praise. And praise God we do! We feel as if just any teenager will not go into a church to listen to the traditional hymns and southern gospel music. Today's average teen likes rock and roll. So that's how we bring it. The message with an alternative sound. Its music ministry for the young and young at heart. Pray for us as we travel and deliver His message that God will anoint our hands, feet and voices, that we will say what needs to be said to touch a sinners life. God bless.



24seven is a Christian rock band. Each member is a dedicated Christian trying to help win lost souls for Christ. Our focus is on our Lord Jesus Christ. We have all found this alternative way of worship can reach teenagers through our music ministry. Also, we have discovered that teenagers can relate to our band because of our style of music. 24seven has helped lead many souls to Christ in the time we have been together. This is a wonderful blessing and the reason of our existence. Our speaker and sound tech, Roby Boyd, is a wonderful blessing to the band for his hard work on making us sound good and helping reach out the word.

Lead vocalist and guitarist, Adam Dalton is from Roanoke Va.
Drummer, Phillip Tingler is from Roanoke, Va.
On Bass is John Ousley from Radford, Va.
Rhythm Guitar and keyboard, Travis Bishop from Floyd, Va.



We just released our first album entitled, Forsaken. Click here to find out more about it! You can listen to clips of each track and email a request to order!



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